Essence of Time

Essence of Time - Front Cover Katani held up a hand. ‘I know a great deal about you, Mr Hayes-Walker…’
Take time to savour the gentle essence of romance engagingly portrayed through the nearly ‘James Bond’ adventures of Jonathan Hayes-Walker, in this escalating tale of wealth, greed and corporate intrigue; spanning continents, culture and characters resulting in a climax you won’t expect, in a story you won’t forget. When time was of the essence.

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The Nature of Love

The Nature of Love
Maybe it doesn’t have to end, maybe it needs to change.
The Nature of Love is a collection of short stories about real people.

Their lives and experiences reflect the many paths we have all walked. By journeying down these roads once more, many of your memories will be re-experienced.

The Nature of Love reinforces the importance of what Gareth has always believed—giving love to someone is special, but sharing love with someone is pure magic.

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